Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hey everyone. I'm sorry that it took me so long to let you know about my new blog. It's been pretty crazy with life. Again, thanks for sticking with me through my crazy life! Here's the new blog! go check it out!!
Love, Grace!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Hi everyone!
 I know it’s been such a long time sense I have posted. Almost a year and a half. I am so sorry. I started my senior year and that ended much too quickly. I graduated and am getting ready to go off to school in a few weeks. In my last post I talked a lot about my grandpa, after 20 beautiful months of life, he passed away. This morning actually, at 8:03am. I can’t begin to describe the feelings of loss and devastation one goes through when loosing someone so important. It is now 11:09pm and in the last 28 hours I have had less than two and a half hours sleep and for some freak reason I can’t sleep. Losing my grandpa made me think a lot. In the last fifteen hours I feel as if I have aged a few years. I feel so bad about neglecting this blog. So, I decided that I am going to delete this blog after a month or so (give people time to read this), and start a new one. It will be focused around my life as a college student and my changing adult life. Thank you all so much for sticking through this with me. Love you!
Once I Decide on the name of the blog I will let y’all know.


Saturday, July 7, 2012

I'm Back... And Its Summer!

Ok folks. I’m back! I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted. There has been so much going on since I last posted. Family stuff, school ended, I did VBS at my church, and I made it to Colorado safely. To start off the blog post I would love to dedicate this one to my AMAZING grandfather. He’s the only one I have left, sadly. He is one of the most amazing people I know. I honestly can’t imagine a world without him. He is so caring, loving, and just such an amazing example of a Christ follower. Monday- the first day of my spring break, I was woken up by my mom and told to get ready… I later found out that my grandpa had a massive stroke -the doctor’s words- and had paralysis on the right side; he could no longer talk and was pretty out of it… now four months, and five days later he is talking, eating breakfast lunch, and dinner seven days a week. Going from not being able to do anything and having a feeding tube –because your throat uses both sides to swallow- to eating every meal is so amazing. My grandpa and I always had this thing when we talked on the phone… whenever one of us picked up we would race to see who could say “you’re looking good,” I don’t really remember how it started but we’ve been saying that for as long as I can remember. Yesterday I was talking to him over the phone –my aunt was there with a phone- and as I was saying goodbye I heard him say something but couldn’t quite make out what it was, and my aunt told me that he said you’re looking good. Can I just say wow? So amazing. So on to happier things.  SCHOOL IT OUT FOR SUMMER! Can you tell I’m excited?  I only have one year to go now! I just found out my final GPA… drum roll please… 3.14!!! I worked too hard… the only class that brought it down was chemistry… all my other grades were amazing. I am so happy you guys!

This summer is starting out with so much fun! As I do every year, I helped out with my church’s summer spectacular. That was such a blessing you guys! One place that god has really laid my heart is in worship, and he has given me great opportunities. I do worship in the children’s ministry at my church and I get to be a part of it during VBS. Sadly that ended L a day later I got on a plane to Colorado. It is SO gorgeous here! I don’t know how people look at this natural beauty and still say there is no God. It just baffles me. I have done a lot of nothing here. My mom and I have gone a walk a couple of days and let me tell you… going from 700 feet above sea level to 7000 feet, is a lot less oxygen. That extra zero makes a huge difference! You actually burn calories breathing here. It’s crazy!

Well I think that’s all I have to say for now… I promise to post more often! Until next time!


Sunday, March 25, 2012


Hey everyone! I know it’s been so long! Over a month, wow! My life is starting to calm down. What with school and… yep pretty much just school… some of being at the church, but my life is pretty much school these days. Crazy I know.

Ok well things to chat about:

1.    Quietness of my house

2.    High school life

3.    Getting info for college

So I barely talked about my brother moving out. Could I please elaborate on how much I miss those boys?? I mean no one could have asked for better men of God for brothers! Of all of you that have had siblings move out, I can totally sympathies with you. My house is SO quiet! Their friends are not there to be loud, there not here pushing my buttons to make me yell at them like every good brother does.  So it’s only my parents and I now and all I have to pick on is my dad. Now he’s not so fond of that but whom else am I going to mess with? In the midst of trying to deal with both of the boys moving out I had to pack up the remainder of their stuff, pick out paint of my new room, buy that paint, and paint the room, move out of my room, and move into the new room. It was a crazy week, but I’m in the room now. The brother whose room I took over is actually home right now! Can I please say how awesome it is to see him and be able to talk face to face? It so rocks. Let’s wrap that up on a happy note.

                High school life is… crazy. If it’s not the homework it’s the in-class work. Now I’m not in any honors or AP classes, but I still have a good amount of homework to do. Just trying to make it to club meetings is hard. Spring break is coming up, and I am so unbelievably excited. I just registered for next year’s classes. SENIOR YEAR! I’m so ready to graduate and get on with my life. I know, I know everyone tells me to cherish this time of my life and not to rush it along. I assure you that I’m not. I just don’t really like high school I’m only trying to get eight hours of my week days to rush by, not every aspect of my life. School is looking up though, my grade in chemistry is slowly getting better, and I have a good GPA. Look out colleges!

Getting info from colleges is one of my favorite things ever! It makes me think of life post high school and wondering what God has in store for me. I am really interested in going to get my bachelors in hospitality and business management (HBM). There is one good school in Washington that has courses in HBM. Washington state university… WSU… now mind you I am a husky fan that’s the university of Washington… UW… so that’s not the greatest thing ever… but what am I going to do? There is one other school though… the only thing is it’s out of state… in Denver…  BUT the good thing is that its only four hours away from one of my brothers. But who knows what God has for my life and where I go to college?

Any ways for my truth about God… the world that he created is amazing. Need I say more? I have a challenge for you… next time you walk out of your house look at the world around you, and see Gods amazing work.

As always I would love a comment… but till next time…

God bless


Monday, January 16, 2012

Super Busy Life!

Hey every one sorry it’s been so long sense I’ve posted! This post will be nice and short!

Live has been super busy. With Christmas craziness and both of my brothers moving out I have had no time to do anything what so ever. I’m super stoked to be able to blog now. There is snow on the ground and I’m sitting on my couch all nice and cozy.

So things to talk about…

1. School

2. Family

Sounds pretty simple right? Ok so can I just say that school is crazy! The farther in you get to school the crazier your life is. One of the up sides is that with my good grades, I get to be a teacher assistant for one of my classes. It will be really fun due to the fact that it’s for one of my favorite teachers. This year I have to say that I really stepped up my game for school. My grades are better than they have ever been and I’m enjoying it more than I ever have.

I hope all of you enjoy your family as much as I do. I just had both of my brother’s move out one on a Wednesday and one on a Thursday. Wow can I say how crazy and stressful it is? When they moved out I didn’t realize how much I would miss them. I mean my house is now SUPER quiet! I’m so used to listening to their music to fill the quiet and now that it’s not there… creepy… not going to lie. But they are doing what god has for them and having fun where they are.

Now on to my truth about god… he is always comforting. Whenever I feel down or freaked out in any way shape of form, or even stressed I can always talk to him and vent, and no matter what I feel better! So one of these days when you’re feeling stressed or down just chat with god.

Well… that’s all folks! Enjoy your week!

God bless!


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hey everyone! I know it’s been a LONG time sense I posted, and now there are so many thing that I have to talk about.

1.       A new recipe

2.       All about thanksgiving

3.       BLACK FRIDAY!

4.         Pinterest

Ok so let’s start with thanksgiving!

Can I just say that going to a family’s house is SO much less stressful then making EVERYTHING?My mom rocks. I mean she is the best cook ever! She made everything on thanksgiving.   We had some friends from out of the country that had never had a thanksgiving dinner before at our house, so we did all of the cooking. I never really appreciated how much work went into a big thanksgiving dinner. I will forever be super thankful whenever I go to a thanksgiving dinner. Also, having people that have never celebrated thanksgiving made me think all about everything god has blessed me with. I can’t say enough how thankful I am for my family? I mean they love me no matter what even though I have my sassy moments…

For anyone who is VERY competitive –like me- never accept a challenge to see who can eat the most food.  Especially when the other person eats twice as much as you do on any given day! The only good part is that I won.

Black Friday was amazing! This year we went out and braved the mall at midnight! It was so much fun. I only got a couple of things from Macys but then I stood with my best friend in victories secret for two hours. I mean oh my goodness. Craziness that’s what it was.  Then I went home slept for a few hours and went out again to shop more. Not going to lie black Friday is almost better than Christmas for me.

Ok so last time I posted I promised you a new recipe… well on pinterest- ill explain that later- I found the best nutella hot chocolate recipe! Literally two ingredients. For every cup of milk a spoon of nutella- about a Tbsp maybe a little bit more- heat the milk in a small sauce pan, bring it to a simmer then add nutella heat to preferred heat, then drink. I know it sounds amazing! It is!

Well last of all threes pinterest. A website where you pin your interests… get it? Yeah I know real funny. Seriously guys this is the best web site ever! They have a picture on there that says ‘I love that I have my whole wedding planned and I don’t even have a boyfriend yet…’ let me tell you… story of my life!

Ok Ya’ll well my truth about god for this post… god is just, even though god sent his son to earth to take away all of our sins he still wants us to repent and ask forgiveness. He wants us to learn and grow and to do that we have to make mistakes.

All of that said I hope to start posting every week… but don’t hold me to it super strictly. With my schedule this December I don’t have tons of free time so we'll see J all in all though I hope everyone enjoyed reading…
 Life According to Grace!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Last Little Bits About Myelf

So today is the last day that I will talk about myself. I was reading through my other posts and realized that I talked about my age. I’m a junior in high school. Now if I lose readers to this than I'm sorry. I made this blog to reach out to people that are willing to listen and share life with them and some amazing recipes – I’m going to post one very soon- and maybe give insight to a high scholars brain. So here it goes. I’m in high school and I’m not the most popular person… I don’t deal with the immaturity of most of the kids in my school so I just try to get through the day while praying for them. I do try really hard in all my classes so I am able to get scholarships when I graduate. My dream is to go to culinary school, but since my church did a huge conference I experienced a new part of culinary… that would be the hospitality aspect. I set up rooms and helped a family member run all of the hospitality and I loved it. So trying to do research for both types of school is crazy. God has obviously put this passion in my heart for a reason, so intend to peruse it.  Well here is another truth about god… he’s always there, being able to talk to god whenever you want is so amazing! So that’s all about me. Nest time ill have a recipe!